Fine Earth Plaster

Ready to use Fine Earth Plaster has excellent cohesion provided by the presence of clay which acts...

Slaked Lime Putty

Hempire Hemp Lime putty is a highly breathable material which absorbs and releases damp and...

Natural Sustainable Building

Hemp Building Products are the perfect solution for new Eco-builds and for renovating old buildings with poor insulation or damp problems created by the improper use of concrete in lime based buildings. Hemp-Limecrete is a non structural wall infill used in conjunction with timber frame structures to create a stable warm naturally breathing home. It can be used as a floor and roof insulation.

Why use a plant in Building? Hemp is one of the most durable fibers on the planet – Hemp fibers are so strong they can replace metal and glass. Hemp fiber also has incredible tensile strength. When used as a filler in plasters and wall coverings it carried those strengths to the plaster. Hemp construction uses renewable crop-based materials which absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) as they grow, providing an opportunity to capture and store CO2 in the fabric of buildings