Hemplime wall infill is the perfect material for renovating any building. Older stone and/or brick lime built buildings need a material that not only insulates but also allows the building to breath. Many old buildings have been renovated with inappropriate non-breathing materials in the past, thus trapping moisture and allowing damp to build up and cause problems. Erecting a simple stud against the perimeter wall to create a 100mm void allows for packing hemplime right where its needed. This can then be plastered using our scratch coat or skim plaster to leave a natural breathable finish. Best of all is that this material looks and feels like an authentic period building

New Build

Please outline the details that make Hempline filler a good choice for a new build

The Product

When external finish is applied it must be breathable. All work should be completed before the first hard frosts as working with lime must be done in temperate conditions

Factory prepared hemp and lime bio-composite in-fill for manual or machine filling into wall/floor cavities with insulating and structural properties.

Suitable Uses

The material is suitable for forming solid monolithic breathable walls around structural frames, under floor slabs, cast internal walls, packing, material around joists rafters and openings in renovation work, as a substrate for floor and wall heating systems and as a sound barrier.


Coarsely milled whole hemp including long fibre, high calcium lime, mineral aggregates and water.


A solid light weight fibre re-enforced material combines masonry and organic qualities. The material has good insulating, thermal mass, flexible, breathable and hygroscopic qualities.


20 ton bulk container. Cubic metre bags. 1 Bag per palett


Store under plastic sheeting on dry base, use with in 3 months.

Technical Data

  • Particle Size Shive 0 - 25-mm, Fibre 0-150-mm,
  • Thermal Conductivity value packed λ≤ 0.07W/(mK)
  • Thermal Conductivity value loose filled λ≤ 0.06W/(mK)
  • Bulk density dry 400-kg/ m3
  • Flexural strength .83-1.14 N/mm
  • Compressive strength 1.9-3.2 N/mm
  • Fire resistant.

Health & Safety

  • X Irritant.
  • Irritates the eyes and skin.
  • Contact with skin can cause sensitization.
  • In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing and safety googles.


Material placed in wall using conveyor, mechanical bucket or manually. Material to be filled loose for maximum insulation and drying time. Material to be packed for increased racking strength and structural properties.


Internally: Use Hempire Earth Plaster, Scratch Coat or Skim Coat.

Externally: Hempire External Render.

Weather Conditions

Do not apply below 5°C. Application during winter months is not recommended.

Regulating Atmosphere

Internally: Care most be taken to reduce humidity during drying phase. Provide adequate ventilation or heat and de-humidification.


Externally: Avoid work below 5°C. If winter work is essential, close in work area by erecting scaffold, membrane, and thermostatically triggered heating to maintain temp above 5°C.

General Guidelines

Use bell cast at base and drip-line above openings. High humidity will increase drying time. Lime is a caustic material with abrasive mineral components: take care to protect finished surface from lime staining and scratching by covering and/or cleaning as work progresses. In renovation work mineral staining may sometimes occur. Consult a painting expert to achieve a breathable finish.

In renovation work, strip non-breathable renders from wall, rake out non breathable pointing provide adequate drainage around building and ensure breathable floor is installed to avoid forced migration of rising damp in walls. Where adequate steps have been taken allow time for walls to gradually dry out.