Purchase hemp building scratch coat

 The Product

Ready to use factory prepared hemp fibre re-enforced hot lime plaster with mineral aggregates. The material is sticky, lightweight, has good coverage and anti-splash characteristics.

Suitable Uses

The material is suitable as an insulating foundation coat on internal surfaces or as a textured finish coat on internal surfaces only.


Milled and screened whole hemp, high calcium lime, mineral aggregates and water supplied as a pre-formulated plaster which requires some re-mixing before use.


A solid light weight fibre re-enforced material combines masonry and organic qualities. The material has good breathable, insulating, thermal mass, flexible and hygroscopic properties.

Delivery & Storage

300Lt Crane-able Plastic Tubs.

300Lt Bulk Bags

Store in a cool, dry location avoiding direct sunlight and frost.

Download Scratch Coat PDFTechnical Data

  • Particle Size 0 - 15-mm, occasional stems from field
  • Thermal Conductivity value packed≤ 0.24W/(mK)
  • Bulk density wet 1300-kg/ m3
  • Bulk density dry 700-kg/ m3
  • Flexural strength .83-1.14 N/mm
  • Compressive strength 1.9-3.2 N/mm
  • Fire resistant.

Health & Safety

Irritates the eyes and skin.

Contact with skin can cause sensitization.

In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable protective clothing and safety goggles.


Re-mix before use. Minimize addition of water to form plastic workable plaster. Pre-wet absorbent surfaces. Apply manually using steel plastering trowel. Re-work with wooden/plastic float.

Use only clean water without admixtures. Use an electric hand mixer and mix thoroughly before application. Can be applied at thicknesses of 10-20 mm.


For a textured effect finish Scratch Coat by hand or trowel when partially set usually within 4-24 hours of application. For a smooth matt finish use Hempire Skim Coat.

Weather Conditions

Do not apply below 5°C. Application during winter months is not recommended.


Use only breathable paints.


Suitable for a wide range of substrates. Background to be stable and dust free. Highly absorbent surfaces to be dampened before application.

Regulating Atmosphere

Internally: Care most be taken to reduce humidity during drying out phase. Provide adequate ventilation or heat and dehumidification.


During hot dry weather use water liberally on substrates and finished plaster to prevent crazing and re-work with wooden float. When plastering on breathable boards, take extra care to avoid board becoming saturated prior to application.

General Guidelines

High humidity and non-absorbent substrates will increase setting time. Plaster benefits from working and compression with wooden/steel float. Lime is a caustic material with abrasive mineral components Take care to protect finished surfaces by covering and taping during work. In renovation work mineral staining may sometimes occur. Consult a painting expert to achieve a breathable finish. In renovation work, strip nonbreathable renders from wall, rake out non breathable pointing and provide adequate drainage around building and ensure breathable floor is installed to avoid forced migration of rising damp in walls. Where adequate steps have been taken allow time for walls to gradually dry out.

Do not use in damp basements.